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Lip comment on for individuals who abhor lip make notes on?
Any recommendations? I hate lip explain especially when it's sticky and heavy. I just can't stand how it feel on my lips. I have the urge to lick it adjectives off. Plus I'm a pretty oral person I'm other sipping something or eating something...and...

Lip comment on give somebody the third degree??
wht is tht white stuff tht forms on ur mouf when u where lip gloss and how do u get hold of ride of it also wht lip glosses r not sticky yeah its icky insnt it. max factor silk gloss isnt sticky so ur spike doesnt get...

Lip comment on grill?
Ok, so I've been struggling with my lip explain and lip sticks lately..i can't find what is right for me lol. Idk, I guess i have more of a fuller lip (which I totally hate! haha), but not close to really really big, just more fuller and not so thin. I want...

Lip comment on household flavors?
I have been experimenting near lip gloss but I can't seem to bring the flavor down right. I have some oils but I would similar to to use food items. I have heard that cocoa and fruit juice work, but they don't mix with the beeswax! If you have any household...

Lip comment on ladies?? =]?
Okay whats the best lip gloss youve EVER had? something thats not sticky and something that taste good! Oh man, definetly the lip gloss from Victoria's Secret. The strawberry is my favorite! There's never that ONE perfect lip gloss D: (well for me) Taste best? The Beauty Rush's Vanilla (found...

Lip comment on or chapstick?
Lip gloss! I have greatly dry lips... chapstick/lip balms ain't moisturizing satisfactory for me! Lip Balm, doesn't fade out as quick, easier to apply, doesn't carry stuck to hair, doesn't smear, you can eat/drink with it, looks better, and if your using the inspired Chapstick brand; It makes your lips...

Lip comment on or lipstick - which do you prefer?
i like both but i prefer lip interpret in the summer I use both together and I like the results.. lipgloss. I close to how some have a smell to them-lol, aswell as the shine. I feel more confortable weraing lipgloss. When I'm contained...

Lip comment on or lipstick and why?
I would for sure say lip add footnotes to. Lipstick can make you teeth look yellow, especially red lipstick. Lip comment on will make you lips pop, and manufacture them look full. Lipstick will just make them look dry, and dull. Hope this help. i think both it kinda...

Lip comment on or Lipstick?
What do you think?? glossssss =] gloss babe always LipGloss depends on the occasion. lip interpret is cute to wear to school or shopping and stuff like that but lipstick is more modern and dressy so it's better for special occasion. lip gloss! gloss Both Lipstick than make notes...

Lip comment on query...............?
So is it true that if u wear alot of lip gloss or lip stick your lips will lose at hand color? and what color lip gloss goes next to medium skin, brown eyes and hair? I Have Never Heard that before nope, thats a myth. But wearing too much lip...

Lip comment on question?
can some one name all the the liplicious flavors please? im trying to go and get them and bath and body works doesnt put all the flavors up they put some up but not others cuse i own two not on bath and body i already have: red hott cinnamon...

Lip comment on recipe that are cheap resembling made beside Vaseline and......?
i have a party and i dont hold time to go out and buy stuff like bees waxs so what can i join to vaseline to make it more like lip explain? everyone give u good answers.. you can use the kool aid...

Lip comment on ring?
I am on a quest for a cute ring that holds lip gloss. So far, I have found the Hard Candy one (ugly) and the Urban Decay one (expensive- $50!). The Anna Sui one is okay, but it's not comparatively right. Do you know of any others? Or maybe just...

Lip comment on that doesnt dry out?
I'm looking for a lip gloss that wont like dry out contained by 15 minutes, I want it to keep the shine for at least a few hours. Nothing more expensive than $30 please, thankfulness! I'd prefer it if I can buy it at Target or Sephora, thanks. ...

Lip comment on that make orifice fuller?
I don't want a lip plumper or whatever they are called. I only just want a lip gloss that makes your oral cavity a bit bigger. My lips are small and thin..i wonder how they would look if they be a bit fuller. Where can i get one in...

Lip comment on that requires finger application- STUPID theory? Your thoughts?
I have the cutest little lip gloss from Sephora, a clear little cube. Only problem? Requires finger application. I never couched this. Why use a dirty finger to apply and be left with a sticky finger? This is of late not ideal! Any tips/comments/thoughts? Just...

Lip comment on tips?
i have natural kinda pouty orifice n would like to play them up..lipgloss has other been my favourite trademark up anyway so any tips? i dare not use glosses with 'super-glossy' finishes as it made my maw look WAY too thick but sum of them look irresistable!..wat kind of interpret would actually...

Lip comment on trouble? Help, please?
I have Lip Plumping clear gloss from Claire's. I can never carry a good coat of lip gloss on my jaws. Regardless of how much I use, the shine is barely noticeable. What can I do? use concealer under it Source(s): Kacie Carter Try using lip liner. Get a...

Lip comment on viedo?
its poppin what abOut the videO ?? so i see that you want to know about a lip gloss video but what going on for this video about lip gloss.… This is the lip gloss^ Wat About It my lipgloss be poppin my lipgloss be kewl lol ...

Lip comment on vs. lipstick?
why? Lip gloss for me all the channel. I have smallish thin orifice that don't stand out much, so lipstick looks a little too dramatic on me. And I have a childish sort of obverse, so lipstick looks ridiculous on me. Lip gloss not only smells better (in most cases)...

Lip comment on warning!!?
i cant tell what lip gloss color is right for me....i hold slightly tannish skin kind of a orangey brownish glow, what color lipgloss do you regard suits my tone? i deliberate pink looks gud on everybody go 4 a darker pink i d think it matter as long as its...

Lip comment on!?
i need new lip add footnotes to which lip glosses are your favorites? brands that they sell within sephora including MAC thanks! Not in Sephora, but I LOVE Loreal. Its so smooth and stays on FOREVER and never clumps! I don't think they sell lancome in attendance, but their...

Lip comment on.... hmm?
i'm looking for a super pretty light pink lip gloss. one that's not sticky, but will ultimate a while, and always look good. can anyone supply me brands, shades, etc? please and thank you! wet n manic, lip smackers & cover-girl. smashbox If you're looking for 'inexpensive' try Wet'n...

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