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Heard upper back and rib pop after a cough? Now sore?

I have had a cough for about 2 weeks, a few people at work had it too and said it took about 2-3 weeks to get rid of. They went to the Dr and got antibiotics. Ive had back pain from the coughing and today heard a pop in my side rib area near my peck (no break or anything) and heard the same thing in my back (under my shoulder blade) a couple of days ago.Now im sore of course, and I know these pains are common sometines with cough. I can really go see a Dr. for about 4 days because of work (not body stress work). Sould I be worried, has anyone had these pains before? Should I just het Pad and Ice? Thankyou for your input.
I should say I felt a pop, I have cracked my back before and know what that is, it wasnt that. I felt it, It hurts the same way it did when I played football in HS and tore some back muscle and I felt that pop too.

This happened to me when I was very pregnant with my son. I was coughing and heard/felt a pop in a back muscle. It was very sore for a week. I say just take it easy and leave it be. Hope you get over that cough

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Peaceful Piano (The Soothing Sounds of Stress Relief) The Art of Aromatherapy, Bath & Body Works


From Bath & Body Works, this is the CD to accompany their Aromatherapy products. Peaceful Piano had 13 songs. Catch a Rising Star, Those Eyes, Impressions on Faure's Pavane, Leaving, Little Flower, Pretty Lady, The High Tide of My Life, With You In Mind, Seasons of Love, I Always Knew, Reflection, Early Morning Night, Garden In The Sky....

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This dual CD set is a combination of 10 Guided Meditations on how giving Gratitude can change the energy of our world. These meditations are based on Dr. Dennison's life stories. Each track is set to the beautiful piano music played by Irish pianist Peter Molloy and offers a unique gift of gratitude that you may choose to enhance your own life story. The tracks are; Gratitude, Rituals, Attitudes, ...

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Let Village Naturals TherapyTM Aches & Pains Mineral Bath Soak make a house call. Soothe and comfort your body by soaking in a warm bath. Our therapeutic formula is enriched with vitamins, skin softening ingredients and aromatherapy vapors to help you feel better. Relax with ingredients that have been extracted from natural sources. This product contains Eucalyptus to soothe and revitalize, chamom...

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Rise & Shine is a radio, sound machine and lamp that will wake you gently. Sleep mode feature slowly decreases lamp's intensity to aid in falling asleep peacefully and gradually. Then, the Rise & Shine Wake-Up Light allows your sleep cycle to finish and helps wake you more refreshed and alert with a "natural" sunrise. Synchronized sleep and wake programs help the body with cues to fall asleep, sle...

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A warm aged glow adds depth to this sconce that brings the look of a wrought iron frame filled in with open lattice work. Antiqued mirrored discs contrast and accent the body while the fabric shades with mesh overlay reflect the lattice diamond.



Ten effortless exercises for a more flexible, energetic, pain-free, stress-free body, based on the work of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais

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The Alexander Technique, a revolutionary method of bodywork pioneered by the late F.M. Alexander, provides the key to successful body dynamics. Now, in this updated and revised edition, Wilfred Barlow`s classic guide to Alexander`s work explores ever...

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Examines the body`s five power centers and their special roles in increasing physical and emotional defenses against illness and disease, in an illustrated study that comes complete with a review of acupuncture, herbal remedies, and healing recipes. 15...

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This beautifully-illustrated owner`s manual to the human body explains it all in a remarkably compact space, considering, and focuses on everyday questions such as how botulism and beauty relate, how the pancreas works with food, and how you maintain e...

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Explore the sexual tensions that go on at sports clubs: Whether in the showers after a football match, or proving his all on the tennis court, there`s something about a man working his body to the limit that really gets a girl going. The comp...

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