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someone help me!!?

is mysore sandal wood soap good for your face?

My mom (she's indian) used to tell me and my sister when we were younger that it would make us lighter-skinned. The truth is...I never saw it work. I think the only good thing about it is the smell (it smells amazing). Other than that, there's not really anything great about the soap.

10 Mysore Sandal Soap Sandalwood Soaps 75 gram Bars
   US $12.65

12 Mysore Sandal wood Soap Aroma Therapy oil Fragrance
   US $14.99

10 Mysore Sandal Sandalwood Soaps 75 g Bars
   US $16.00

Mysore Sandal Sandalwood Soap Box of 10 Soaps
   US $13.75

Mysore Sandal Sandalwood Soap Box of 5 Soaps
   US $8.00

12 Mysore Sandal wood Soap Aroma Therapuy oil Fragrance
   US $19.99

Mysore Sandal Soap 75 Grams Unit Pack of 12
   US $10.00

4 x Mysore Sandal Soap 70grams BEST PRICE USA
   US $4.00

Mysore Sandal Sandalwood Soap 75g 10 bars FAST SHIP
   US $12.00

12 Mysore Sandal wood Soap W Pure wood oil Fragrance
   US $14.99

Mysore Sandal Soap
   US $3.99

Lot of 20 Mysore Sandal Soap
   US $50.00

10 Mysore Sandal Soap With Sandalwood Oil 75gmX 10 bars
   US $12.00
Mysore Sandal Soap Ceramic Black Fish Soap Dish Set
Mysore Sandal Soap Ceramic Black Fish Soap Dish Set
   US $7.85

MYSORE Natural Sandal Sandalwood SANDAL Soap US Seller
   US $2.99

Lot 12 x 75gm Mysore Sandal Herbal Soap Wholesale
   US $9.00

4 X MYSORE Natural Sandal Sandalwood SANDAL Soap USA
   US $6.99

Mysore Sandal Gold Sandalwood Almond Soap Pack of 3
   US $8.99

Mysore Sandal Soap With Pure Sandalwood Oil
   US $8.99

Mysore Sandal Gold Soap125g w Pure Sandalwood Oil
   US $9.99

Mysore Sandal Incense - 20 Stick Hex Tube


From the world's largest producer of sandalwood oil. Tube containing around 20 sticks of incense....

Mysore Sandal Soap 75gm


Recommended within ancient Ayurvedic texts as being a potent aid in skin care, this soap contains Mysore sandalwood oil, to help your skin stay glowing, soft and forever young and beautiful. This is bar of soap is approximately 75 gm and 3 1/4" by 2" in size....

Mysore Sandal Soap 2.41 oz Box, (Pack of 12)


Mysore Sandal Soap has sandalwood as its main ingredient. Sandalwood oil is recommended in ancient ayurvedic texts for skin care, and has excellent antiseptic properties and soothes prickly heat and other skin rashes too....

Chandrika Ayurvedic Soap 2.64-Ounce Unit (Pack of 12)


Chandrika Soap is made with pure vegetable oils such as purified Coconut oil, Sandalwood oil, and Patchouli oil. The soap does not use any animal fat or products. Chandrika Soap is not tested on animals....

Mysore Sandalwood Soap 150g Double Size (Pack of 3)


Well over a century ago, a Company was formed in India by the Maharaja of Mysore, Queen Victoria, and Sir Alfred Chatterton. From this Company a legend was born-'Mysore Sandal Soap'. Created then, as now, from the finest, purest, Mysore sandalwood oil, Queen Victoria's favored skin care product. To this day Mysore Sandal Soap still enjoys the distinction of being in use in the Royal Palaces of the...

Mysore Sandal Herbal Care 3.5 Oz


100% biodegradable ingredients, Natural essential Oils, Skin Conditioners and Anti - Bacterial Agents...

Soap Brands: Ivory, Wrights Coal Tar Soap, Pears Soap, Lux, Mysore Sandal Soap, Imperial Leather, Caswell-Massey, Swarfega, Sunlight, Dove



Indian Brands: Amul, Fevicol, Mysore Sandal Soap, Aashirvaad, Brand India, Tata Salt, List of Amul Products, Tata Swach, Parle-G, Gold Spot



Mysore Mysore Sandal Soap 75 g bar


The only soap in the world with a unique combination of glycerine and 100% pure, natural sandalwood oil. Mild, gentle Mysore Sandal Soap turns your bath into a beauty treatment. It contains no harsh chemicals to cause allergies or irritation. It contains pure sandal oil from the forests of Karnataka, India, which supply Mysore Sandal oil, the best in the world.Sandal Oil soothes dry skin and relie...

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